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in the last week
Cari is the best guitar teacher I've ever had. She was meant to teach and to perform. I've had a couple of teachers over the years and their approach to teaching would have taken months even years to learn what I wanted to play. From the first lesson, I was playing songs that I love. You can give her the name of any song and if it isn't on her lengthy list she will pull it up on video and type it out for you and you will leave that very same day with your favorite song.

As far as I'm concerned, Cari is the best teacher around. Don't waste your time and money on anyone else.
a month ago
Cari Dell has been teaching my son for a couple of years now and she has done a great job! I would recommend her as an instructor to anyone looking to learn the guitar.

a year ago-
Cari Dell has been my guitar teacher since June, 2014. She is a rare talent. Cari is passionate and knowledgeable about music. She plays and teaches all genres. I have experienced Cari to be extremely patient. When there are concepts that I have difficulty grasping, Cari Dell always helps me to stay focused and work through the music.

She is also a gifted performer. Check her show schedule and go see her play. She's the best.

a year ago-
I have been going to Cari for guitar lessons for over two years and she took a novice with no experience playing any musical instrument to a person who can now enjoy playing guitar to some of my favorite songs. Her talent is not only in her own playing but as a great teacher. Her patience and class structure is perfect for beginners as well as experienced guitarists looking to get to the next level. What a delight!

a week ago-
I bought my first guitar in December 2011. I was able to learn a couple of chords on my own, but got discouraged pretty fast. My strum techniques weren't any good. I looked online for an instructor. I saw Cari Dell's website and gave her a call.
My first lesson with her was great! I started in March 2012. She asked me what I knew and what kind of music I liked. From that point on, she made learning chords, strum techniques, and music fun! She has great motivational skills for music.
Even though I've moved from Colorado, I still do lessons from her on Skype! It's 4 years later, and Cari has me playing at an expert level! I've played with different bands, and currently play for our praise band at church. I highly recommend her as an instructor!
a week ago
Cari is a fantastic guitar player as well as a fantastic teacher. After sort of hitting a wall after 10 years being self taught, I went to Cari to help me get to the next level. If you are a beginner or an experienced player looking for techniques to improve your playing, she's the one that can help you. She has the skills for sure.
in the last week
I never thought I had the coordination to play a guitar, but after Cari's instruction I'm able to play various chords and rhythm patterns. The most important thing about Cari's teaching style is that she makes me want to learn more after each lesson. Cari is always patient and works hard to make sure I understand the chords and rhythm patterns during each lesson so that I can practice at home. She also makes herself available outside our schedule lesson in case I have any questions. Overall I highly recommend Cari not only for guitar lessons, but if you every have a chance to catch her solo or group performances they are a real treat.
a week ago
Cari Dell is a well organized guitar teacher. She has her lesson plans documented and printed. Additionally, she is intuitive concerning each students' abilities. She is also very patient and kind.

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